Young spanish self-entrepreneur, Cordel surprises with product quality and reactivity.



Cordel products are made by a cyclist and one can tell.
The discrete insertion of reflective parts, front and rear, easy-tighten strap locks, strap ends held with scratch… Many finishes that show that the designer is also a user, and has -just like the rest of us- battled with loose straps.



This thing is sturdy. Made of Cordura 1000, the saddle bag weights 500g with stiffeners. A lighter, X-Pac version is also available but I chose durability.
After mistreating and shaking it from dawn to dusk for a week, riding through rocky tracks, sometimes under the rain : Absolutely nothing to report.

Cherry on the cake : The saddlebag has a D-hook on each side so you can add a net to it, carry of off the bike or just for streetcred points if you too play the “Dangle”.

About Cordel

Former bike-messenger in Germany, Daniel Bazaco created his bickepacking bags company last year. As a true fanatic, he gives great care to finish details.

Daniel bazaco making Cordel bikepacking bags



When did you create Cordel, and how did you get there ?

I built Cordel in Madrid in 2016. I came up to bikepacking bags from my passion to cycling and traveling, I worked as bike courier in Germany, bikes were always something to do in my life.


What kind of training do you have ?

I have a fine arts degree, I’ve been painting most of the time in my previous period, art is something difficult to live from, so I found the way to connect creation with Bikes at Cordel. I Started to learn sewing by my own, with a home sewing machine that was around.
Took me some time to learn but patience and effort it’s always a perfect combination.


Where does the name Cordel come from ?

Cordel is a name for rope, thread. I like the connection with the material.


Do you have future plans?

Oh yeah. I am focused on redefining some of my products and looking forward to some collaborations that will come in the future, can’t tell much about it, but it seems that 2018 will be a good year.



As you may have noticed, I am more than enthusiastic for this Cordel brand. Not only about the quality, but also thanks to Daniel’s contact.

Each product is made on demand with the custom colours you chose. I asked for a small over-harness sleeve to keep some items within reach, and he designed this great pouch that fits the harness perfectly.
Considering shipping time, I was impressed with Daniel’s reactivity. I won’t dare telling you how fast he was to make these bags, as I would fear his future clients hope for the same !
On top of all that, he carefully listens to his customers’ needs and will gladly adapt his creations, not mentionning the very reasonnable prices.

What more could I ask for ?



A bad stumble or just wear and tear : the life expectancy of bikepacking bags is being challenged.
Still, let’s not throw them away as soon as they are damaged !


In the field

Fix a hole :
Gorilla tape. A piece inside, a piece outside to be sure, and off we go !
Tip not to have to carry the whole roll : wrap some around a pen.

Fix a strap :
Some zipties or paracord are always useful !


Clean work

For Cordura as well as X-Pac, a solution is to glue a patch inside and another outside.
The back of Cordura is coated with smooth polyurethane, thus will stick better.
Unfortunately, polyurethane glues aren’t exactly eco-friendly…


A grandma’s trick

Stitch a patch over the hole, rub the seams with wax and heat it with a hairdryer.
It is sturdy and weatherproof. You will just need to re-wax it once in a while.

Do not forget

Eventually, different manufacturers offer different warranties. A selling point to consider !