While getting to the top of the Colle delle Finestre in the Cottian Alps, Monviso in the distance, I met Marco on his gorgeous steel frame. Beautiful details and on the steering tube : Zino’s famous lightning-shaped Z.

Despite the harsh sunlight and the little camera gear I had with me, I couldn’t let him go without a quick photo shoot !

What a bike ! Do you do that often ? Where are you from ?

I usually ride a track bike, but not really in the velodrome ; I use it to climb mountains… In particular to go for short rides (50km x 1000m e.g) in the hills around Turin. The uncertainty of being able to make it to the top is an element of adventure that one might not get with 11s.
I am based in Turin. The Alps around here are full of unpaved military roads. One in particular the « Strada dell’Assietta » has been in my dreams since childhood. It was made famous by the Assietta Legend MTB race that crosses this area.

Is this why you wanted a gravel bike ? Why a custom one ?

As I am used to my track bike, I like very responsive bikes. Stock gravel frames felt too relaxed ; perfect for long hours going straight but in my opinion very boring out of the saddle.

I asked Zino a frame that could handle off-road, and -with a change of tyres-  that would be pretty good on the road too… Which he executed perfectly.
I usually ride tyres from 28 to 40mm wide !


So, happy about it ?

It landed in my hands in August 2017. Before the snow arrived I took it up to my dream Strada dell’Assietta, but also Via del Sale, « Little Perú » and many others paved and unpaved roads until snow came in november. Fabulous rides on a fabulous frame !

It’s always an exciting to experience new landscapes by bike, the change of scenery, fresh air, new foods… And for the most part we don’t need to travel far to enjoy these different experiences.

Europe is a continent full of wonder with its forests, mountains, coastline and even deserts. We all know that cars and planes are most polluting forms of transport, yet it’s easy to reduce our carbon footprint with so much on our doorstep in europe.

Make your next trip more eco-friendly, discover your local area by bike or put the bike on the train to ride further afield. If you need to use the car, carpool with friends !
Do we need to always travel so far ? Keep bigger trips to a minimum and enjoy what’s in reach of 2 wheels !

Marco's Zino Cicli

  • Frame : Zino, Columbus Zona tubing
  • Fork : Columbus Futura Gravel
  • Headset : Chris King
  • Wheels : 3t Discus Pro
  • Axles : 12mm thru-axles front and rear
  • Deraillers and brifters : Shimano 105
  • Crankset : Shimano 105, 50-34, 46-34 to come
  • Cassette : 11-32, 11-36 to come
  • Brakes : TRP Spyre
  • GPS mount : Homemade 3D printing


What future adventures do you plan with your Zino ?

I hope to ride the Tuscany trail, but out of competition, one month before the actual event.