Last september, despite international COVID restrictions, a handful of riders managed to gather in Turin for the 5th Torino-Nice Rally.
Faithful to the route’s founder James Olsen’s motto “Run what you brung”, no two bikes were similar, proving that you can go on adventures on any bike.

This is not a race

That’s why bikes and riders are all so different here. Gravel, CX, hardtail, a range of tyre sizes and profiles, high-end carbon bikes, titanium, handmade steel bikes, factory stock or old 26ers… Some people people’s goal is to sprint through the 700km and 20 000m of elevation gain in 3 days, for others it is about enjoying the views, the food and the company during a couple of weeks.

To learn more about the route, its history, amazing scenery and much more, read our article on the 3rd TNR.

Here is a small gallery of the people I met there, hoping this will motivate you to grab whichever bike you have and come ride this splendid route.

Britt bscrugs

Britt’s Bombtrack Hook EXT

Peeing in the shower won’t save the world, changing mindsets might.

Ride, don’t fly

All these exotic bikepacking destinations we are shown online are appealling. But do we need to fly there to have a great time? Couldn’t we ride the train there, carpool at least? And if not, our countries offer a wide variety of landscapes ; maybe we could go explore our backyards?

Flying is known for being extremely polluting, and we salute all the riders who choose not to.
Yes, it is a sacrifice.
Yes, “wasting” time on the train is an effort.
Yes, we are proud of you all, doing your share to save the planet !

Evanoui proudly supports

Sergio sergio.aghemo

AKA The Man From Torino. Deals with local authorities, offers great advice on restaurants. Sadly he couldn’t ride this year, hence the minimal setup on his Ciclitorino

Elizabeth midlifecrisee

Cristos _brmsnls

Cristos’ Bombtrack Hook EXT


Pascal’s Fairlight Faran

Talented photographer! Read his 5th TNR report on his blog :
Bike is a Sour Bicycles.

Martin cycling_mamil

The one and only Scott Cornish! Photographer of the WTNR, adventurer, physiotherapist, bike fitter and official translator for Evanoui.
Rides a Shand Bahookie. His write up is here: Torino-Nice Rally 2021 | Shand Cycles

Wait, are these mostly white men again?!

Indeed. And although I can confirm every one of them is a great human, the good news is these times are hopefully over.

Thanks to the epic Women’s Torino Nice Rally held a couple of weeks later by Lael Wilcox and Gaby Thompson at Komoot, the 2022 rally will now be 50% female!  FIFTY PERCENT, what an achievement !

Besides having a big heart and giving a hand to Smart Shelter, rally organizer James Olsen does his best to welcome just everyone. Are you a woman, or do you belong to a minority, be it ethnic, sexual or religious? James says you’re in! Men have to go through a draw, but you don’t! (Read his May 1st blog entry)

Although entries for this year’s TNR are now closed, the recipe seems to now be working. So please, whoever you are, if you want to take part in the future, come along to this great ride!


Roland’s Rondo Ruut Ti

Paul paulc.ohen

Jeroen & Jasper jeroendheer jasperdugernier

Ultralight setups for “credit card riding”. Left bike is a SingleBe.


Will _will78_

Arnold a___ross


Nathan nathsmith78


Hagen’s Mawis